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We are pleased to welcome you to our practice, and hope to provide you, your family, relatives and friends with the highest quality of dental care.

In order to render the best professional care it is necessary that we become acquainted with the vital information related to each patient. Of course all information is strictly confidential. We appreciate your cooperation in filling out this form carefully and accurately.

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Heart Pacemaker/surgery
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Mitral Valve Prolapse
Organ Transplant/Implant
Rheumatic/Scarlet Fever
Sickle Cell Disease
Sinus Trouble
Stomach/Intestinal Problems
Thyroid Disease
None of the above

CHILDREN: Have you recently had any of the following (approximate date)?

Chicken Pox Measles Mumps
Strep Throat Tonsillitis None

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Dental History

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Are your teeth sensitive?

Are your teeth sensitive?

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Have you had any past Injury, x-ray therapy, or surgery to your face or jaw?

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Does your Jaw pop when opened widely?

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Does your mouth hurt when clenched?

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Do you experience any pain in your jaw joins or do you suffer from migraines?

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Have you had:

Braces Oral surgery Gum treatment Root canal

Have you ever experienced growths or sore spots in your mouth, if so where?

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Are you satisfied with the overall appearance of your teeth?

General Release:

I understand that the information contained in the medical and dental history is important to my treatment. I certify that all of the information I have completed is correct and I have not knowingly omitted data. I consent to the release of medical information from my medical doctor or other health care provider as required by this dental office. I authorize this dental office to perform diagnostic procedures as may be required to determine necessary treatment. I understand that it is my responsibility to pay for dental treatment for both myself and my dependants. I assume all responsibility for fees associated with my dental treatment or dental diagnostic procedures.

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