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General Anesthesia and Anesthesia for Children

Do you have a strong aversion to dental treatment?

You aren't alone!

Surveys have shown that the number one reason people avoid the dentist is fear. While skipping your dentist trips may be good for your nerves it can have quite a negative effect on your oral health. Fortunately, Dr. Syriopoulos and the dental team at DNDC can provide sedation dentistry, which allows you to visit the dentist office without the discomfort or anxiety you felt before.

Sedation Dentistry can be used for adults and children with dental anxiety or other conditions. Depending on the severity of the anxiety the type of sedation changes accordingly. There are a number of procedures available to you:

  • Oral Sedatives: Oral sedatives such as diazepam can be administered the night before or 30 minutes before the appointment depending on the severity of the dental anxiety. Oral sedatives do not provide pain relief so an injection of local anesthetic is administered.
  • I.V. Sedation: Like oral sedatives I.V sedation does not provide pain relief so an anesthetic will be used.
  • Nitrous Oxide Sedation: Better known as laughing gas, this type of sedation is administered to relax the patient before dental work is commenced. Like the previous two it does not relieve pain so an anesthetic will be utilized.
  • General Anesthetic: This type of sedation utilizes an anesthetic to render the patient completely unconscious. While in this state the patient will be completely unaware of their surroundings, or of the dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry is designed to relax the patient enough to remove the anxiety that is often associated with going to the dentist. Often times we can complete multiple procedures in a single visit cutting down on the number of times you need to visit the office.

If you feel anxious about your next trip to the dentist don't! You can just relax in the chair while we take care of your smile. Next time you are in the office ask the Danforth Neighbourhood Dental Centre team if sedation dentistry is right for you.

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